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Burning humanity: an appeal.

The temperature in Delhi, as I write this, is quite unusual. A molten effervescenve is in the air. Seems like humanity is burning, regardless of colour, creed or caste. In such times, is it right to be adamant about enforcing the idea that students ought to wear full length garments below the waist while they eat? The honest argument is as follows. The assumption made is: questioning of all authority isn’t inherently bad if it makes the human condition better for all parties involved.

With all the respect I have for discipline and order, the point being asserted is that if at times, because of the physical factors that surround us, if it would be ideal to remove a certain law or condition, then why not?

If I would have my way, I would make it allowable to wear clothes in the mess that do not offend the majority’s sensibilities. Fortunately, I am no one to assert anything. But, nonetheless, female students are allowed to eat while wearing knee length clothes.

The appeal made in this embodiment of the written word seeking goodness for the human condition is to remove the need to wear such clothes fearing break down of discipline atleast in times such as this when the city is hot. Very hot.

I am not demanding anything. Only requesting. Please, respected Principal, allow us to feel at ease while eating. The only reason why I’m even trying is because I feel that Principal John Varghese is a much more approachable person of authority than our previous principal.

Nothing but truly, A burning human being, the editor.


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