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The Juncture of Nature-Nurture

Unveiling our connection with the divine, the curtain of nature-nurture. How we are

connected with not just each other but the cosmos. Structures of the universe reflected within our very being. Witnessing the beauty not just from within but actively being influenced by the world outside of us. A universe so beautiful and precisely defined with infinite variables living and breathing within it. Maybe the beauty lies in knowing the unknown, discovering the unknown. But have we even looked properly?

The personality of each and every individual we meet has been influenced by a web of factors. Personality is nothing but the true nature that characterizes the moral right and wrong of the individual in question. This web is broadly defined into two - nature and nurture and thus we argue that the creation of the universe and the personality of, each and every growing individual within the universe stands at the juncture of nature-nurture at every stage of life. Every stage in the developmental cycle of humans with its respective developmental goals is influenced by these factors and mold us into the individuals of today.

Nature is the geometrically defined gene code that we all inherit that influences our physical appearances, and nurture is the very existence of our environment in this universe in space and time including our early childhood experiences, how we were raised, our social relationships, and our surrounding culture. The gene code is defined as a limiting factor within which the environment influences change. This change can be quantified on either side – positive or negative. Both are interdependent and independent with the aim of defining us and forming our traits. The interplay of nature-nurture sets variability and diversity into motion.

The interplay of nature-nurture sets variability and diversity into motion.

Not just in humans, even nature has its set of specified ‘gene’ codes often adapted in the form of sacred symbols which explain the creation of the universe. Sacred Geometry studies these existing hidden symbols to decode the creation and continuation of our species which otherwise get ignored by the common eye. For example, the flower of life explains the 6-day genesis and the Metatron’s cube encompasses the platonic solids which define the basic elements of the earth. Our DNA which follows the golden ratio, the infinite fractals that are seen on leaves, seashells, and pinecones are not only inherited in their truest forms but also open doors for change as the world around us changes.

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